Aug 18, 2009

Kristian Laliberte, Booze Thief [Scandal]

Yesterday we learned about socialgay Kristian Laliberte being "assaulted" by some mouth-breathing straight for unknown reasons over the weekend, inspiring Laliberte to paint himself as the gay Rosa Parks. Now we know why it happened: Laliberte stole the guy's booze!

As you may recall, Laliberte claimed that he was "assaulted" for no good reason at The Georgica in the Hamptons by a rampaging barbarian who called him mean names like "Jew" and "fag," but the staff of the restaurant refused to throw the guy out. This outraged Laliberte.

Don't people realize that gays are being hung in Iran or bombed in Israel. People should stamp out hatred whenever they see it, and I was disappointed and ashamed that this certainly wasn't the case with the staff at the night club.

All of this raised a big question: just what did Laliberte do to spark this guy's ire? Laliberte refused to elaborate on the specifics of what led up to the incident and the restaurant hasn't returned our inquiry call (In fairness to them they're only open on the weekends.), but Guest of a Guest tracked down a couple of witnesses and learned that Laliberte's lucky he only got called names by the guy.

he walked up to a table where he was not sitting and poured vodka in his glass. the guy who was at the table told kristian to leave the table. kristian got hysterical and started to say "do you know who i am?" the guy said, i don't care who you are this is our table get out of here. as kristian walked away the guy booted kristian in the ass. more of a playful thing then anything harmful.

kristian then went outside and was hysterically crying and threatening to call the police...The patron went outside and tried to apologize but at this point Kristian was having none of it. He started to berate the guy, whom again he did not know, saying "you think because you're some spoiled rich kid you can get away with anything." The paying patron attempted to apologize a number of times before he got angry and started to yell at Kristian.

Another witness backed this story up, though that person thought it was expensive champagne that was pilfered by Laliberte, not vodka. Minor details. The bottom line is that Laliberte brazenly swiped pricey booze from a stranger and managed to toss out the "do you know who I am" card in the process. He's lucky he didn't get his face bashed in.

Regardless, one thing about this entire incident is abundantly clear: Kristian Laliberte gives socialgays a bad name.

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