Aug 17, 2009

Don Imus This Close to Bringing His Crazy Old Racism to Fox [Cable News]

Rumors have been swirling about Fox courting cancer-stricken, old racist coot Don Imus to be part of their morning lineup, and now it seems they're close to reaching a deal. The question is: What the hell took them so long?

Brian Stelter reports in today's New York Times that Fox Business is hoping to simulcast Imus' utterly unlistenable radio show in the same way MSNBC did before they fired him after the "nappy-headed hoes" incident involving the Rutgers women's basketball team a couple of years ago.

Stelter says that the deal is in "advanced negotiations" and that Fox hopes Imus' shitty program can be effective at "motivating new viewers to turn on the hard-to-find network for the first time." The show would reportedly run from 6 to 9am, replacing a show that currently doesn't garner enough viewers to even register a rating by Nielsen, and the idea seems to follow a blueprint for success that Fox has used effectively in the past.

In turning to Mr. Imus to bolster Fox Business, the News Corporation is taking a page from the playbook of its sibling channel Fox News, which now drives the company's financial growth. Fox, founded 13 years ago, successfully translated talk radio values to TV, sometimes by directly hiring radio talkers like Sean Hannity. Already, Fox Business counts two radio veterans, Dave Ramsey and Tom Sullivan, as hosts.

Well it's about time! Seriously, have there ever been two entities more perfect for each other than Don Imus and Fox?

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