Aug 21, 2009

Which Actor Has a Very Scary Phobia? [Blind Items]

We're all scared of something. But the scariest thing of all: germs. They're invisible! They make you sick! Ew, don't touch me. Germs! Pass the Purell and give your complete attention to one lone mid-August blind item.

1. "This TV-turned-movie actor is almost phobic about germs. Whenever he stays in a hotel when traveling for a shoot, the first thing he does in his room is spray or wipe down every surface with disinfectant. He also insists that the hotel provide him with brand new bed linens and a brand new remote control for the television. Another one of his quirks is to subtly pull the sleeve of his shirt or jacket over his hand whenever he has to open a door with a doorknob. If the door opens with some kind of lever or bar, he uses his wrist or his elbow." [Blind Gossip]

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