Aug 18, 2009

ABC Promotes Dancing With the Disgraced Former Elected Officials [Tom Delay]

And here's ex-House Majority Leader and known American Criminal Tom Delay promoting his upcoming appearance on ABC's Dancing With the Stars on ABC News program Good Morning America.

While making the "stars" portion of the program work would seem to require that viewers be at least slightly familiar with the careers of the contestants, your ABC News presenters have oddly failed to mention DeLay's indictment for violations of campaign finance laws that forced him to resign as House Majority leader, and then go to court to have his name removed from the ballot.

The anchor does make some vaguely political joke about a House Whip being able to drum up "grassroots support" for his dancing on a television show, and that reveals an obvious unfamiliarity with DeLay's actual political methods: Tom will replace the judges with Republican lobbyists, threaten to financially support primary challengers to those who decline to compliment his dancing, and accept a million dollar bribe from a Russian oil company in exchange for his performing the Russian folk dance "Kalinka."

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