Aug 21, 2009

Airplane Perv Punches People, Strips Naked [Crime]

New York has its subway flashers; in Oakland, the pervs are airborne. Witness the large fellow just arrested for exposing himself and rampaging through the cabin of a flight bound for Las Vegas.

The 300-pound, 6-foot-1 man started his Southwest airlines voyage off by exposing himself to the woman seated next to him, according to the Oakland Tribune.

"When he exposed himself, the woman next to him did what she should do, which was to scream," said Sgt. J.D. Nelson, a sheriff's office spokesman. "Her scream apparently upset him, and he ended up punching her."

Things didn't end there! The man then hit or slapped another woman, and hit that woman's husband on the top of the head, a witness told the Trib. He was then subdued, and everything was fine.

Haha, just kidding. After a brief sit, the man stood up and was "totally naked," according to the witness, sort of like today's naked subway lady in New York, if she was a large man who had just assaulted several people. "Then he sat down again and threw up." Then the plane returned to Oakland and the crazy pervy man was arrested, with two pairs of handcuffs.

All in all, he'd had a complete Las Vegas bender in the span of maybe an hour or two, without having to set foot in that sweltering hellhole. If that's "crazy," do you really want to be "sane??"

(Pic: Random Southwest plane at Oakland airport by Austin Fausto)

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