Aug 22, 2009

McSteamy Sex Tape Stimulates Economies: The Mystery Smoking Product, Revealed? [Freakonomics]

Gawker Paycheck Journalism: doing our part to bring more money into circulation, or something. Because even the darkest cloud has a silver lining, every sex tape leak has an upside to it. In this case: product placement for Big eTobacco.

The president of bluCigs - a company making smokeless, "electronic" cigarettes (we would hazard a guess) could be seen in Dane's Anatomy - has issued a PR statement on his company's, ha ha, disputed involvement in the now infamous ménage a trois of gettin' high and splashin' around. Now, you're the president of a company trying to corner an obscure market of non-smoking smokers that's now maybe involved in a smokin' hot sex tape.

So: did he make the push? Hell yeah, he did.

"Our client records are confidential. We respect the privacy of all our clients, not only high profile ones."

Nicely played, Jason Healy of BluCigs! The non-denial denial that neither rats out your clients nor squashes your product's potential plug. Furthermore, Healy goes servicey on us:

"In response to whether an electronic cigarette such as blu is safe for use in a bathtub, Healy said, "While we would not recommend use in an environment like that, there's no problem if it were dropped in the water. It would have to be dried out sufficiently before using again."

Healy's product is family friendly, as in, he doesn't recommend it for use in drug-binge laden, blue-balling threesomes! Furthermore, this thing is the hotness, and they don't even need the publicity!

"Blu has only been on the market for a few months but the demand has been so overwhelming that we've really been trying to stay out of the news," said Healy. "While I'm not saying it is our product, it would've have been better for us, if not Ms. Gayheart and Mr. Dane as well, if this tape hadn't come out."

Yes! For a publicist with an AOL address, expertly handled: celebrity friendly promotion while basically managing to completely insinuate that, yes, maybe it's their product, and further more, you can use it in splashy sex tapes. Hooray for sex tapes, the economy, and The World's Best Electronic Cigarette©.


  1. Dude, you can definably smoke an electronic cigarette in a bathtub. There's such little voltage in an electronic Cigarette that even if you dropped it in the water, it wouldn't hurt much. I think


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