Aug 22, 2009

Fox News Gets Chuckle Out Of Homeless Guy's Exploding Tazer Hit [Wtf]

Ah, yes: always good for laughs is someone getting tazed and then spontaneously combusting into flames. Okay, maybe not hysterical, but Fox News anchors still can't not giggle at the guy's mugshot, and then, make a joke about keyboard cleaner.

As the story goes, some sadly insane homeless man was being crazy, and cops tazed him, and he burst into flames. There's the inevitable Denzel Washington/Tony Scott reference, a chuckle about his mugshut, and the warnings of Fox News: don't wear keyboard cleaner while getting tazed.

He's right, fine. That mugshot. Wow. Classic. But also, kind of sad and spiritually emptying.

Okay, fine: classic.

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