Mar 5, 2010

Which Older Actress Was Sucking Face with a Younger Reality Star? [Blind Items]

When it is revealed, the star is going to have to spin it more than a lazy Susan. That's just a guess. We have no clue about a actress' dating habits or a bunch of Oscar nominees. That's your job!

1. "This blind involves two celebs. This aging celebrity, known for being an activist, and usually thought to be intelligent did something we think is a little stupid this last weekend. She was at a club (we're not sure why!) and allegedly had a hot and heavy make-out session with a very much younger, MTV star who is not our favorite. We hear they were both drinking and it was mostly just for fun, but still- yuck! Not Jane Fonda." [BuzzFoto]

2. "This actress has had interesting relationships with more than one celebrity. Now, though, she appears to be getting much more serious about her hunt for a long-term mate. Meeting her requirements isn't easy. Whenever she receives an offer to be fixed up on a date, the first thing she asks is, 'How much money does he make?' She refuses to go out with anyone who makes less money than she does. Considering that she is probably one of the 50 highest-paid actresses in the world, the number of men who fit into that category must be quite small. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the second question she asks is 'How tall is he?'" [Blind Gossip]

3. "This former A list television actress is now a struggling C lister. She has tried absolutely everything to recapture the fame she once had. Nothing works and when she can find a job like her last television movie it bombs louder than a Nicole Kidman film. At this point she is so desperate she has basically abandoned her husband and child/ren and will go anywhere or talk to anyone to get some publicity. Over the past two months she has spent about two nights at home with her family despite not even doing any actual movie or television work." [CDaN]

4. "Which nominee is known for klepto tendencies on some film sets?" [PopBitch]

5. "Which nominee is less gay than you'd think? They annoyed their London hotel minders by inviting a different girl to their suite (and sometimes more than one) on a film junket." [PopBitch]

6. "Which nominee's plastic surgery is the subject of much laughter at this week's pre-Oscar parties?" [PopBitch]

7. "Which nominee spent part of the '90s as a smacked-out recluse, enjoying heroin-fueled threesomes with a film director and actress?" [PopBitch]

8. "Which highly-sexed couple pleasure themselves by going on chatroulette on the net to talk dirty with strangers?" [UK Mirror]

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