Mar 6, 2010

Rest Easy, Anna Wintour: Your Impersonator Has Been Caught [Scams]

Emma Charlton pretended she had terminal cancer and was the editor of Vogue. Before that, she used the name Golightly and operated a gold-digging scam. Now, she will go to jail for defrauding her fiance and grandmother, among others.

Charlton confessed to 23 charges of theft and fraud in Great Britain last week, after stealing money from her granny and seducing a gullible man who believed that she was dying of cancer and that she was the editor of Vogue.

But this wasn't her first brush with the law. Years ago, as Emma Golightly (homage to iconic Breakfast at Tiffany's character Holly Golightly?) she seduced and conned five men to the tune of $375,000, then landed in jail for two years. This time around, she allegedly stole money while keeping up a rather bizarre tale of a high-fashion lifestyle. Toting a miniature dog everywhere she went, dressed in designer clothes, Charlton said she was the editor of Vogue when she booked a hotel for a charity fashion show and an Edwardian manor for her "dream wedding." Apparently nobody had seen The September Issue because that lie passed without question. (Charlton used her own name and didn't copy any of Anna's physical signatures, which is too bad, because if she'd been in a wig and sunglasses, think how great the courthouse pictures would be.) It was only when her checks bounced that Charlton was caught. Now she will go jail, a place ripe for Martha Stewart and Lil' Kim impersonations. Work the angle. [DailyMail]

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