Mar 6, 2010

Paterson's Just Tempting Us to Make Blind Jokes at This Point [Oops]

It's your first ceremonial appearance since the New York Times definitively crushed your political career. You're the laughingstock of the state and weighing whether to resign. Perfect moment to pose in front of Paris Hilton and a belching dog!

The embattled New York governor cut the ribbon at a chain restaurant with a silly mural at Kennedy Airport at rush hour on Friday, to the confused horror of all present. "I'm so happy that you've joined me to see how hard I work," he joked. The only explanation I can come up with for this most confusing photo op: Palm Bar and Grille is going to offer him a job as soon as he loses the one he has in Albany. If not at some sleazy corporate level, flipping burgers, perhaps. [NYDN]

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