Mar 1, 2010

What To Do Seven Years After You Were the Founding Editor of Gawker [Advice]

Since this is my last weekend on the site until I return, begging for a job as James Del's assistant, I've invited some friends along. Elizabeth Spiers is the founding editor of Gawker. Mallory Keaton doesn't like her.

1. Think wistfully about the place you worked seven years ago for three seconds. End wistfulness. Laugh maniacally.

2. Plant punchy young upstart into place you worked for seven years ago. Frankly, place needs punchy young upstarts.

3. Use well-scaled seven year-old platform to promote current ventures via punchy young upstart for shameless, free publicity in exchange for vintage Gawker byline. (Irritate Denton in the process.)

4. Go visit current venture, CRUSHABLE.COM.

[Elizabeth Spiers was the founding editor of this site and was also the founding editor of the recently acquired Spiersblr. She's now working with the fine folks at Crushable, which is a really great site, which you should probably click on.]

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