Mar 1, 2010

Comments of the Day: Richard Petty Overdrive [We Read You]

You know what are no fun? Mondays. You know what are lotsa fun? Comments, left on blogs, by viewers like you. Let's take a look at some of our favorite comments from today. Hey, they're all from the same person!

Who is this Richard Petty person? We'll probably never know. (I think I know.) But what we can always be certain of is that this fucker is funny. A few examples.

In a post about Tinsley Mortimer's leather mommy, dude was all:

S.L.W.S.C.F.W.I.W.W.O.T. (Southern Lady With Shiny Cadaver Face Who I Will Watch On Teevee)

In one of Hamilton's brilliant, themed news roundups, this one about fat folks with pretty eyelashes, kid was all:

Thank goodness I'm addicted to sex with fat, lash-less ladies or, as I like to call them, "Ohioans."

And then in something about how there are no more Misses in America, wiseass was all:

But Bravo will still televise the Miss A Merkin pageant, right?

That's some good, funny, slightly sexually menacing work right there. Well done, nard dog.

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