Mar 4, 2010

Highlights From the Last Project Runway Live Blog [Project Runway]

Are you as sick of winter as I am? Why not warm up your icy, slushy day with a few witty quips from Gawker's last Project Runway live blog? Better yet, join one later tonight. The comments will be hot!

So when you're done reading these comments, make plans to join us at tonight's edition so you can post a few of your own. The live blog post goes up on Gawker tonight at 9 Eastern, and the show starts on Lifetime at 10. See you there!

  • tipsy_hausfrau: Hiya all! Did Nina Garcia eat any children yet?

  • Old Ocho: Heidi gave birth to all these kids while she was in the back room.

  • andheartss haz it: The runways are looking younger and younger, huh?

  • dippitydoo: Aww. Baby mannequins.

  • robina: Mila's doing something "kinda 60s"? Color-block me shocked!

  • Ben Dorson: I'm getting worried that the catwalk is gonna be Brady Bunch on acid.

  • Old Ocho: @Ben Dorson: To be fair, that is the only acceptable way to watch the Brady Bunch.

  • AnnieSaBu: Note: When Tim says, "I have a nice surprise for you" in that voice, he doesn't mean nice as in nice. He means nice as in you're fucked.

  • andheartss haz it: It's official! I would birth a child for Anthony. Not with but for.

  • naugahydeinplainsight: @andheartss haz it: Prepositions are your friend.

  • manchops: why is there always the straight failed rocker wanna-be fashion designer? And he's always so annoying.

  • sweet_communist: Seth Aaron reproduced? How? How could anyone let that happen?

  • Six and a Quarter: Why is Jesse wearing Johnny Depp's hat from Benny and Joon?

  • missing_piece: @Six and a Quarter: I don't know, but he should give it back.

  • tipsy_hausfrau: Oooh, Emilio, it's like a Real Housewife kidnapped a Mormon child.

  • unclevanya: Janeane made a tomato costume for the school assembly's Nutrition Pageant.

  • Old Ocho: Awesome, the top three designers are asshole, asshole, and slightly less-of-an-asshole.

  • manchops: I think this is the closest Michael Kors has been to children. He's looking at them like it's his first time whale watching or something.

  • naugahydeinplainsight: Blue and orange: OK on Knicks City Dancers, but here, not so much.

  • Brian Moylan: You know, this challenge was also used on Project Runway: China, but the children also had to sew their own outfits.

  • katekate is squared: @Brian Moylan: They would have done a better job on those pants than Amy did.

  • Spirit Fingers: What's with the open bow tie, Jessie? Were you in a brawl at the Cotton Club?

  • Ben Dorson: "I won't be big, but I'll be around." Dream big Janeane.

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