Jan 13, 2010

Which Celebrity Marriage Is an Actual Contract [Blind Items]

One partner gets a beard, the other gets money for drugs and gambling. They're still married, just like this comedian who never got his drunk Vegas marriage annulled and now can't marry his famous girlfriend. Matches made in heaven!

1. "If this is true, it's just plain crazy. We hear that this ‘married couple' is involved in more of a business arrangement than a romance. It's not that unusual, since people have been using marriage for many things throughout history. We just think it's sad there are actual transactions involved here- the monetary kind, trust us, not the sexual kind. One of the partners is paying the other a hefty stipend as an incentive to stay hitched. The receiving partner needs the money because of a drug habit and gambling issues and the other is inclined to give it to fight off rumors of sexuality/bad past/unattractiveness. Both in the relationship are celebrities, both have been up against speculation, and both are all about the PR to keep the ball rolling on their different needs being fulfilled by the marriage. Not Katie and Tom." [BuzzFoto]

2. "This out of control funny man B list movie actor is engaged to be married to a celebrity. What his fiance' doesn't know though is that our funnyman actor got married about two years ago when he was drunk in Vegas. He kept meaning to get it annulled but never did. Meanwhile since it happened he has lost track of the woman he married that night. His people are searching frantically for her so they can get the marriage annulled before his fiance' finds out about it and before he gets married to her." [CDaN]

3. "This nighttime television show has received a lot of flack because its cast has so few people of color that white cast members sometimes pretend to be Hispanic or black characters. To remedy this, they will be bringing aboard two African American cast members, both of whom really need the work. And, although the show is known for bringing aboard fresh young talent, both of these performers are nudging the half-century mark. The female will be coming directly from a shuttered former competitor. The male is being hired primarily for name recognition, although his career has paled in comparison to that of his sibling. Name 1. The Show 2. The Female 3. The Male." [Blind Gossip]

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