Jan 10, 2010

6.5 Earthquake May Have Hit California's 'Napa Valley of Weed' Particularly Hard [Breaking (earth) News]

As of right now, major networks and newspapers are failing to report what's being noted on Twitter as a giant fucking earthquake that just hit somewhere around Humboldt County. But Twitter users sure seem to know what's up.

Brian Stetler at the New York Times found some solid pictures off of Twitter of the 'quake. Good lookin' out!

Some of our favorite observations so far!

The media is sloooooooow says Michael van Poppel, who heads up the BNO team/Twitter feed. This is like Usain Bolt telling you to stop dragging ass.

Crowdsourcey! (Thanks, Bucky).



Uhh, sure!

Did you see any good Tweets about the Earthquake? Let me know! Twitter tends to bring out the most exciting/fanatical in people during emergencies, and it's great fun to watch, and it'll be even better one they're all high again.

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