Jan 11, 2010

Please Welcome Tucker Carlson's Internet Tendency [Websites]

Happy Daily Caller day! Tucker Carlson's new website, sponsored by $3 million from Christian GOP donor and health care reform opponent Foster Friess, is live!

Tucker himself has a pretty good story on the third gate-crasher guy. It is interesting, even though we do not care about any of the gatecrasher people, at all.

There is a piece on how bad job numbers will hurt Democrats that basically could've run in any newspaper! (You know, it is not really that opinionated, or "bloggy." And it also follows the old "President has ultimate power and solely owns all political failures" narrative. Like when it quotes Ben Nelson arguing that it was a mistake for Obama to focus on health care last year, presumably at the expense of jobs. Hey, Ben: Barack Obama's job is to sign or veto the legislation you send him, little buddy!)

Oh, there is an interesting story on how Michael Steele might be facing a challenge from the guy he narrowly defeated in leadership elections last year. Funny thing about that story is that it doesn't mention one of the big reasons the challenger lost in the first place: he belongs to a whites-only country club.

This is actually a pretty good story on the idiotic and wasteful Census PR campaign.

There are a lot of opinion pieces by elected officials, too. These are universally terrible, always, without exception, be they in newspapers, at HuffPo, on DailyKos, or anywhere else where congresspeople fax their ghost-written pablum.

Welcome to the internet, Tucker! (And, you know, HuffPo is leading with a link to a Politico story, right now, and their second-most popular post is "Man With World's Largest Penis, Unemployed In New York," so maybe we shouldn't be so critical!)

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