Jan 14, 2010

Our Newest Intern: Jill Zarin [Zarin Invasion]

Gawker's Intern-for-a-Day Jill Zarin is here at Gawker HQ and we put her right to work moderating the comments. She's lurking there right now keeping all you kids in line. Later, ask Jill Zarin for advice!

We have some more menial tasks for Ms. Zarin later on (and a video at the end of the day), but right now we're putting her to work policing the comments. (You can follow her work on her commenter profile.) She'll be lurking on all our posts and making sure you're staying in line. Be on the look out! No Gawker internship would be complete without at least one byline, so later she's going to be handing out advice to your questions. Stay Tuned.

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