Jan 14, 2010

Which Actor Wife's Has an On-Set Spy to Keep Him from Cheating? [Blind Items]

Thanks to the informant, she recently broke up a date between hubby and a young PA. Another actor shouldn't be trusted and stole jewelry from his ex to regift and a paparazzi is in love with a star. Oh, boys.

1. "This married A list television actor on a hit network drama told his wife that he had to work late on set. He was convinced she would be home with their sick child. So, he decided to go to the movies with an 18 year old production assistant from his show. As he walked into the lobby of the theater with his arm around the 18 year old, he gets tapped on the shoulder by who he assumes is a fan, but was instead his wife. He dropped his arm from the assistant and meekly walked out of the theater with his wife. She has a spy on the set of his show to stop just this kind of behavior." [CDaN]

2. "This film and television actor's newish flame will be getting a lovely gift of jewelry for Valentine's Day. How sweet and personal, right? Not really. We wonder how long it will take for her to figure out that he didn't originally buy it for her. He actually bought it for his ex. When their relationship started falling apart, he took it out of her jewelry box. She discovered it missing, and an insurance claim was filed then paid out by the insurance company. A few months later, they split, and both moved on to new relationships. The guy took the piece into a jeweler to have the original engraving sanded off and the finish polished. Anyone want to tell his new girlfriend that her gift is actually a re-gift?" [Blind Gossip]

3. "This Blind comes from on-the-street-chatter, which isn't as reliable as when a source calls or emails us. It's more second or third hand information. With that in mind, we still thought it interesting enough to post. This B/C star who is regularly followed by the paparazzi, has apparently been pulling "a Britney" and hooking up with one of the street photographers. The two met when he snapped her picture and have been flirting ever since. We know with the case of Britney that Adnan was allegedly looking for financial gain, but it is said this pap is sincerely head over heels for the star. He's absolutely smitten but we're not sure about her, since she has the reputation of being a man-eater. Not Kim Kardashian." [BuzzFoto]

4. "Which ever-typecast ageing bachelor actor sent his God-daughter a birthday present consisting of a signed photograph of himself?" [Popbitch]

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