Jul 14, 2009

Which TV Star Likes to Expose Himself at the Gym to Show Off His Porn-Sized Endowment? [Blind Items]

Today we have a gay TV actor who likes to flaunt his joint at the community gym, a nasty fameball who was caught slipping a lady a roofie, and a brokenhearted actor who ended up in a bathroom threesome.

1) "Which openly gay TV star likes to show off his stuff at the gym by walking around sans towel - and referring to himself as 'porn-worthy?'" [NYDN]

2) "What sleaze ball celebutard who is a waste of space and a criminal was at a party in the past week and spotted putting something into the drink of a woman. He claimed ignorance, grabbed her drink, chugged it down and then left the party." [CDaN]

3) "There was a party last weekend, and this movie actor arrived in a glum mood. His girlfriend, who is also in the acting biz, had just broken up with him for the second or third or fourth time. After a few drinks and lots of attention from the ladies, however, our actor began to cheer up. And after a twenty-minute private consultation in the restroom with two of those ladies, he was positively grinning from ear to ear." [BlindGossip]

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