Jul 13, 2009

Hello, Weekend Friends! [Announcements]

Creatures of the Caturday, some notes: welcome to the New and Improved Gawker Weekends! Starring me on the masthead and new comment features. If you're having problems with them, try hitting Control-F5 in your browser, or email me with questions.

Also, I'm going to be promoting and demoting threads today like crazy. Giving gold stars, taking away gold stars (hey, more antisemitism accusations! Hee.). But you're not allowed to make meta jokes, because that's boring, and I'll demote for that. Other thing I'll demote for: sucking. Something I'll promote for: being awesome! And that's how the new comments system works.

One final thing: I'm on the lookout for good blog posts from other places. Remember blogs? They're still out there! You see something, say something.

Now, after all that food posting, aren't you hungry? Let me know how your Free Slurpee Crusades To End World Starvation are going. Also, $500 to anyone with photographic proof of Ruth Madoff getting a free Slurpee. I'm serious.

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