Jul 13, 2009

Complexion-Conscious Philadephia Swim Club Suddenly Embracing Ethnic Diversity [Face-saving]

Remember the swim club in Philadelphia that turned away those African-American day-campers because their presence would "change the complexion" of the pool? Well, they've pulled an about face and invited the kids back. Imagine that!

Reports the Philadelphia Inquirer:

"The board decided we would reach out to Creative Steps to . . . get the kids back to the club in a safe environment," John G. Duesler Jr., president of the Valley Club in Huntingdon Valley, said late this evening.

Asked why the club was reversing course, Duesler said, "Because it's the right thing to do."

How the new overture will go over with officials and families at Creative Steps Inc. of Northeast Philadelphia was not clear.

Duesler said he had "reached out" with his conciliatory message to Creative Steps director Alethea Wright "in e-mails, phone calls, and texts. I have not heard back yet."

Yes. We're sure that the Valley Swim Club's motivations are entirely rooted in idealistic desires and have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the Justice Department may come calling soon, which is exactly why it's taken them more than two weeks to do "the right thing." Please.

Swim Club in Racial Flap to Invite Camp Back [Philly.com]

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