Jul 15, 2009

Senator Franken Finally Tells a Joke! [Senate]

This is Al Franken's first week on the job, so he didn't have time to prepare actual questions for Sonia Sotomayor. Instead he talked about Perry Mason, and how that show made Sotomayor want to be a prosecutor.

Which is weird! Because, see, the prosecutor on that show never won. It's funny! Then Al sort of rambles a bit about how Sonia watched Perry Mason in the Bronx, as a child, with her mom, and he watched in St. Louis Park, as a child, with the Coen brothers (j/k!), and now she is going to be on the Supreme Court, and that's "pretty cool."

This is obvious proof that he lacks the depth and gravitas necessary to be a US Senator. Unlike, say, Tom fucking Coburn.

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