Jul 17, 2009

Jon's Kate-Free Upper West Side Sex Pavilion [Freedom Ain't Free]

Jon Gosselin has finally settled on a place in New York! After considering a Trump building, the divorcing reality star has opted for The Alexandria, on 72nd between Broadway and West End. Two bedroom place = twice the ladies!

People heard the word that Gosselin had Alexandria staff move all his shit (pinball machine, nudie calendars, several 30 racks of Busch Lite, a small framed photo of his kids, a bunch of Ed Hardy shirts, a box ominously marked "Ray-Bans", and a Goodfellas DVD) into the unit, while he was gallivanting in France with his new girlfriend, his soon-to-be ex-wife's plastic surgeon's daughter (or something.)

The HuffPo got some deets on pricing and square footage. Looks like he'll likely pay between 4 and 5 grand per lunar cycle for a place that's about 1100 square feet. Could be worse, could be better.

Major thing to note: No room for his kids! What's he got now, like six or seven or nine or something of those little bastards? Yeah, they're not coming to stay in New York. He'll come to them. The Manhattan pad is off limits, except for the ladies. And, hold on a second, hey you, Paco! Watch it with that bong man. C'mon.

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