Jul 14, 2009

Care to Spend Thousands On a Bernie Madoff Pin-Up? [Artifacts]

Would you like an image of Bernie Madoff hung over your bed like some sort of reverse dreamcatcher? The Ponzi Ponce's former secretary is auctioning off a photo described in her Vanity Fair tell-all. Bernie gave it to her personally!

And he creepily told her to "hang this over your bed." We're sure he was kidding then, but now it seems unsettling, you know since he's been revealed as a horrible money-eating monster and will spend the rest of his natural life slowly disappearing in a North Carolinian jail cell.

Artnet is handling the sail of the print, taken in the 1980s by renowned photographer Yousuf Karsh, for an estimated $3,000-5,000. The only kind of people we can imagine would be willing to spend that much money on this oddity are creepy collectors whose houses are already filled to the brim with real-life skulls and thick, ancient books. They'll hang Madoff's picture in a dark closet, so it will always be staring at you, but safely behind a door, safely hidden away in some black corner.

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