Jul 16, 2009

Which Actress Cheated on Her Fiance with a 'Geeky Dreamboat'? [Blind Items]

Today we have a lucky actress who got to get it in with a "geeky dreamboat," a poor girl going on a terrible eating bender, some weird thing about a TV show, and an Emmy monster.

1) "Which now-married (but then-engaged) starlet hooked up with her geeky dreamboat of a co-star on the set of their film? Wisely, they frolicked in a soundproof room." [NYDN]

2) "Which star has been going on four-hour binges scoffing doughnuts and deep fried food after splitting up from her boyfriend? And she always carries a doggy bag." [Mirror]

3) "Talk about high school. This television show on a non traditional network is headed towards a meltdown. It turns out that one of the bigger stars coming into the show has been basically ignored since the middle of last season. Unless there are lines being spoken, no one talks to this actor. He hasn't pulled a diva or done anything wrong, it's just the rest of the cast doesn't seem to like him or maybe it is something about him. It has got so bad that he just wants off the show and out of all their lives." [CDaN]

4) "Of course everyone is excited to discover who will get an Emmy nod later today. What is far more interesting, though, are the preparations being made for one potential non-nominee. Her staff is gearing up for the worst. They have removed all breakables from the vicinity, and have a bottle of valium at the ready. They have also instructed all non-essential staff to check the nominations before coming in to work so they will know whether they should wear regular work attire or riot gear." [BlindGossip]

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