Jul 13, 2009

"I suddenly felt deep empathy with the late ... [From Comments]

"I suddenly felt deep empathy with the late Princess of Wales, for the hundredth time. Here I was at my crowning moment, my coronation as queen of cafè society, and I understood her deep loneliness amid the glory. But like Diana, there were sinister forces amassing against me, unwashed masses at their PCs, sans-culottes preparing their digital tumbrils and had never considered the deep fascination of Bianca Jagger. (Did I say Diana? I meant Marie Antoinette as well. Watching Bernard-Henri Levy scarf a hot dog was a transcendent pop hi-low culture moment, the zeitgeist in action.) Where was I? Oh yes- little could I know that Robert's arrangements would become fleurs de mal, and this glorious temps would soon be perdu."

[Nicely done, Baroness. I'll be featuring more from the comments from here on out. This, folks, is how you earn your star. Well played. - FK.]

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