Feb 19, 2010

Which Rocker Is Using Gay Slurs at Fashion Week? [Blind Items]

Never get homophobic at a fashion show! He should keep his mouth shut, like this actress who never mentions her costar in interviews. Another actress doesn't need to worry about her mouth, but her nose and what goes up it.

1. "This former A-list rock singer and now a shell of his former self was given a seat in the front row of a [fashion] show. When he saw who he was going to be seated next to he yelled out, 'I don't want to sit next to no f**king fa**ots.' What made this even more shocking was his reputation for f**king anything male or female when he used to tour. Of course he wouldn't ever admit to being with guys but he always had a 'valet' on tour who did a lot more than press our singer's clothes." [CDaN]

2. "Two girls are part of this ensemble cast. They both behave professionally on set, but those in the know deliberately try to keep them apart during filming, post-production, and marketing. Unfortunately, one can't seem to ease up on the competitive and stealth undermining gestures. She tried to get her own name put first and in larger print in the credits than her co-star's name. That didn't happen. Then she stepped up her own PR efforts for their project, honoring twice the number of TV talk show appearances as her rival. Finally, she makes a very conscious effort to never, ever mention her rival's name during interviews. If the interviewer brings up the rival's name, our girl simply smiles and changes the topic. She's actually quite skilled at it." [Blind Gossip]

3. "Which former Disney Star is trying to hook up with as many fans as he possibly can? He thinks while his name is still recognizable, he's going to strike while the iron is hot. He's bragged to friends and made a goal that he wants to be with a different girl, every night straight for the next new year! Not Joe Jonas." [BuzzFoto]

4. "Which once-hot Hollywood blonde has kick-started her lapsed cocaine habit so well that she's seldom seen without one of New York's top dealers at her VIP table? 'Let them eat coke!' is her motto." [Popbitch]

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