Feb 15, 2010

A Map of the Time Travel Universe [Charts]

Some glorious nerds at Information Is Beautiful have made a curvaceous timeline plotting time travel dates from popular movies and TV shows. It's a little hard to figure out just looking at it, but the site explains it nicely.

Basically the 20th century is really crowded, as most filmic time jumpers seem to pick dates within that century (because we're arrogant about our own times, we suppose). Then the timeline stretches out to accommodate the enormous leaps back of movies like The Time Machine, and huge leaps forward of Time Bandits. The yellow line is the actual date line, the rest represent the temporal journeys of each movie/show, with the color of each line marking the method of time travel (cryogenic stasis, time machine, natural phenomenon, etc.) OK, so we still don't quite get it, but it sure is pretty!

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