Feb 17, 2010

Comment of the Day: A New Type of Gay Man [We Read You]

As the snow fell on Manhattan today, so too did your comments. Most melted away never to be seen again, but a small few stuck to the pavement and are fun and pretty, but later a nuisance. Here's one!

Moylan put on his pith helmet and waded into the plastic green jungle of typifying gay folks today, and one dude basically decided to use the comments section as a personal ad:

I really fit into none of these categories or subcategories. I have a twink body type, with a slight mixture of the gay jock and art fag. Lady GaGa is my diva of choice. I dress any where from sweat pants to the latest fashions. My preoccupations are trashy reality TV, documentaries, science, my dog, and of course, Lady GaGa. Plus I'm versatile, mostly top as the idea of something entering my ass makes me cringe...and it hurts...but I'm all for pleasing my man...sometimes :)

I don't really do "the gay scene" and I'd rather hangout with my straight friends (not at their bars though). Actually a majority of my friends are straight since I can't stand being around catty bitches and insecure assholes. I'm actually proud not to fit into any "typical" gay man stereotypes. Not too butch, not too femme.

Certainly thinks highly of himself, no? But that's OK! A little self-esteem never hurt anyone (except for that lady with the pills and the phone in Se7en). What do you think? Hate him? Wanna date him? Even though he seems to have a boyfriend? Let momma's-boy know!

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