Feb 15, 2010

Did Evan Bayh Retire to become the Manager of a Mechanical Pencil Factory? [Questions]

Ha, see how we did that? Who knows? We are just asking a question. Evan Bayh quit the Senate. Now important political blogs wonder, Is it because he wants to run for president? OF THE ENTIRE COUNTRY?

Famous Internet politcal blog Huffington post queries: "Evan Bayh For President? Senator May Be Eyeing White House Run".

He may be... WHAT!?

Bayh mentioned three perches that would be better suited to a doer of his temperament: running a business, a university or a charity.

But there's another executive job that Bayh, the former Indiana governor, has had his eye on for decades. Was his step down today a step toward the White House?

I don't know? Maybe? Do you have a tweet from a random person saying this?

"When Bayh said, 'I'm an executive at heart,' might have been hinting at POTUS run in '16, not just an IN GOV bid in '12," tweeted University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato, stirring the presidential rumor pot.

WOAH. Boil, boil, toil and trouble INDEED. But, crap, you know what this means? Evan Bayh could have actually quit because he wanted to pursue his life-long dream of managing a mechanical pencil factory! I saw it on Twitter: "Did Evan Bayh retire to become the manager of a mechanical pencil factory?" (I tweeted it. -ED)

Meanwhile, Josh Marshall over at Talking Points Memo doesn't buy the Bayh presidential rumors. But... a TPM reader typed some words into an email thing and hit send so he might as well publish that:

The most logical conclusion from Evan Bayh's retirement today is that he wants to be the next President of the United States. With $13 million in the bank and great reelect numbers against fairly weak opponents, a third senate term seemed very likely.

Oh, really? That's funny, because we just got an email from a reader that said the most logical conclusion was that Bayh wanted to run a mechanical pencil factory in Indianapolis. (I sent it. -ED):

Clearly, Evan Bayh is retiring because he wants to be the . Today, Bayh said he was 'an executive at heart'. What he really meant was 'an mechanical pencil executive at heart.' "Did Evan Bayh retire to become the manager of a mechanical pencil factory?" Tweeted notable Gawker blogger Adrian Chen.

In conclusion, politics is interesting.

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