Feb 15, 2010

What's the Deal With the Olympics' Bean Bag Couch of Shame? [Questions]

Watching the Olypmics freestyle moguls this weekend, we got to wondering: What's going on with that top-three couch at the bottom of the hill, and mustn't it suck to be kicked off of it, forced to slink away in shame?

Basically if a skier's score put them into the top three, they were made to sit awkwardly on this big bean bag type couch at the bottom of the run and watch their competition come on down. Then if another skier scored well enough to knock a couch-sitter out of medal contention, that newborn loser had to stand up and shuffle off the couch, no longer basking in its cushy glory. Doesn't that seem particularly strange and maybe a bit cruel? "Oh, no, we don't care about you anymore. Come on, pick up your shit and get out of here, over to the losers' corral with you." We did some looking around on the YouTube, and couldn't find this sadness-sofa at any other recent freestyle competitions. So what was up with that? Anyone know?

(Also: Doesn't Dale Begg-Smith, the cute and mysterious spam millionaire and silver medal winner pictured above, seem like such a dick?)

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