Feb 18, 2010

The Palins Want Some of Levi Johnston's Dirty, Dirty Playgirl Money [Hillbillies Of Wasilla]

Remember when Sarah Palin went on Oprah and scoffed at Levi Johnston for getting paid for "pornography?" Well now she wants a piece of the action. The Palins have subpoenaed Playgirl for Levi's check stub.

The Levi Johnston/Bristol Palin custody battle is getting ugly. The Palins are trying to get as much cash out of Levi as they can, which means discovering just how much money he made last year. In their quest to uncover the total salary from his media appearances and disappointing "naked" photoshoot, Bristol has subpoenaed the magazine to find out what they paid him in the deal. We've been running under the assumption it's around $25,000 and some revenue sharing, so based on how much the photos made, Levi might have scooped up even more (hence the subpoena). However, Playgirl also heard from Levi's enabler/exploiter/lawyer Rex Butler telling them to keep mum about the sum. Bristol is seeking $1750 a month in child support, but Levi is trying to pay less because his income is "erratic." Considering his income is built upon exploiting his Sarah Palin connections, which have been severed, no wonder it's erratic. And this public shaming is just the Palin's latest attack to disgrace Levi, America's stupid high school boyfriend, in the press and make themselves look better. If, by doing so, they have to rub elbows (and other parts) with the filthy vermin they turn their noses up at, then so be it. Isn't it great to have principles?

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