Feb 15, 2010

Which Celebrity Cougar Has Her Claws in a High School Senior? [Blind Items]

She's not even waiting for graduation to get busy with her intern. This actress needs a class in hiding her drug use. This actor skipped sex ed because he's totally impotent. And this naughty couple has been cheating. Schools out!

1. "This C list television actress on a hit cable show is in her 30's. Has not stopped her though from dating a high school senior. Yep. He was a summer intern on a project she was doing and they hit it off. He is 18. I wonder if they will go to prom together." [CDaN]

2. "This B-list movie actress with A-list name recognition who sometimes dabbles in television has always been a little goofy and has done coke pretty much her entire adult life. She might want to reconsider that doing coke thing before meeting directors though. Our actress went into a meeting with a director, reached out to shake his hand, and her vial dropped from her hand to the floor. She had forgot to put it away after taking a line in her car." [CDaN]

3. "This B-list actor and Golden Globe nominee/winner has never been married. Sometimes he will have a girlfriend but it never really goes anywhere. It turns out our actor had an accident when he was younger and since then has not been able to um get aroused. He says that it has been so long now that he really doesn't care about it anymore." [CDaN]

4. "Apparently this relationship between a C+/B-list movie and television actress and her A-list athlete boyfriend is not as serious as the world has been led to believe. Both of them have been seen out with other people in the past few weeks and they weren't exactly platonic dates." [CDaN]

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