Feb 17, 2010

Which Actor Likes to Wear Pink Panties? [Blind Items]

We know many celebs have secrets hidden under their proper exteriors, but who knew they'd be so frilly! This New York actress is only hiding a diva's temperament. Maybe her and the actor should switch.

1. "Personal Assistants to celebrities are the biggest secret keepers in Hollywood. They typically sign confidentiality agreements which legally prohibit them from divulging anything about their employer during or after their tenure. The PA to one big actor, however, got a little loose-lipped after a couple of drinks on a recent night out. While the PA was unpacking the celeb's luggage on a recent trip, they found a clothing catalog among his things. More specifically, it was a catalog of lingerie for men. The actor had circled several items in the catalog. In case you're shopping for his birthday, he seems to favor red or pink silk panties in men's size large." [Blind Gossip]

2. "This popular show, filming in New York has an actress that is a huge diva. She pretends to be kind when the cameras are snapping, but when she's out of the limelight, she's a real monster to those around her. She throws tantrums, screams at staff and camera crew, makes ridiculous demands and ignores fans. Her costars can't stand her, but make nice for public appearances. The other day she demanded an entire pallet of smart water delivered to her trailer, with each bottle individually labeled with her name on it. She then wanted them arranged in a certain way in her refrigerator, but was specific that no ‘bare hands' touch the bottles. WTF? Not Jessica Szhor." [CDaN]

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