Nov 23, 2009

Which Actor Is Seducing Straight Men? [Blind Items]

Celebrity does have it's charm, but this gay actor is said to lure straight costars into bed. Compared to that, a drunk actor, a busted-haired singer, and a celeb wannabe are just rubes. Let's follow the lucky charms, shall we?

1. "There is a film that won't be in the theaters for at least another year. The schedule got pushed back because of casting issues. They were casting the male and female leads at approximately the same time. However, as soon as the female lead found out that a certain actor was ready to sign on the project, she bailed out, and the role had to be recast. The reason? The actress had some history with the actor. No, they hadn't dated before. But the actor did have a torrid affair with the actress' ex while they were dating. Instead of blaming her ex, she blamed the actor. She thinks that the actor is so charismatic and so charming that he must have manipulated her ex into doing something the ex greatly regretted down the road. There is still a lot of bad blood among the three of them. A couple of extra hints: the ex is also in the acting biz, and all three of these people usually have dark hair." [Blind Gossip]

2. "You just never know when and where you will run into a former A list television actor and producer and now a stumbling C list parody. Anyway, on Wednesday, our actor was in a drug store in Aldergrove, British Columbia, looking at herbal supplements. While he was looking a fellow customer grazed our actor with her basket. At that point our actor said, "watch where you are going," and being in Canada hip checked the woman into a neighboring shelf. The actor was in the store looking for a special herb. Why? The herb is the only one our actor trusts for eliminating the odor of booze on his breath. Our actor was also kicked out of a pizza place the night before for being drunk. The only time in the history of the place it had ever kicked out anyone." [CDaN]

3. "This female singer has a very unique hair style. She said she came up with the idea on her own. I'm sure she did after the fact. It was necessitated though by the fact she got into a fight with her idiot A list singer/producer boyfriend who took a pair of scissors and cut huge chunks of hair off our female singer's head." [CDaN]

4. "So what do you do if you are a brand new C list celebutard who in your mind thinks you are A list? Why you go up to women and start hitting on them and generally making an ass of yourself. This is especially evident when you walk up to a C+/B- list television actress from a hit for this network drama who is already known for not being friendly and who responds to the horrible pick up lines by saying, "Who in the f**k are you? Are you 12?" When the celebutard answered her our actress just laughed and turned away and told our celebutard to find someone else. Our celebutard then walked away with his bodyguard in tow. Yes, he really has a bodyguard and it really is funny." [CDaN]

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