Nov 25, 2009

Don't Mess with Saif Gaddafi. He Carries Guns. [Dictator Style]

Following our story about two of Colonel Gaddafi's sons treating America as their playground a magazine reports that Saif has been shooting up parts of Europe recently too, along with some intriguing playmates.

British magazine The Spectator is set to report tomorrow that Saif went on a shooting trip with Peter Mandelson (who has about a million government titles but is pretty much the power behind British Prime Minister Gordon Brown) and Cherie Blair (wife of former PM Tony) at the Rothschild estate in Buckinghamshire. He brought his own guns in, through the airport. Which seems a little edgy to us. The story is by former Daily Telegraph editor Charles Moore and continues with these intriguing titbits:

Now that Libya has made its strange bargain with the West, Saif has taken up our traditional upper-class sport with delight. Near Tripoli, he has laid down 40,000 partridges. Unfortunately, raptors have consumed about half of them, but Saif invited friends, including Flavio Briatore of Formula 1 fame, to a shoot there a few weeks back, with lunch in a desert tent, and the bag was about 300. More recently, Saif was shooting in Spain, the guest of Alejandro Agag. Mr Agag is a businessman - managing director of Queen's Park Rangers [a London soccer team], among other things - who used to be secretary-general of the European People's Party in the European parliament. He is a friend of Silvio Berlusconi and is married to the daughter of José Maria Aznar, the former prime minister of Spain (Tony Blair was at the wedding). Saif comes to England to shoot quite often, though I gather he has got into a bit of trouble about his guns with the airport authorities.

Let's hope he's not allowed to bring his guns into the US. His brother Hannibal has already pulled a 9mm pistol on police in France and attacked others in Italy with a fire extinguisher. If you've heard anything else juicy about Saif, his brother or any other dictator-offspring, drop us an email here.

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