Nov 25, 2009

The Paradou Email: An Update [Paradouche]

Last week Vadim Ponorovsky, owner of foie-gras-filled Meatpacking District restaurant Paradou, went batshit when we posted an appalling email he'd sent his staff. This week, he's still sending things on the internet!

You may recall that Ponorovsky wanted his waitstaff to collect more email addresses, in order to spam customers. When they didn't bring him enough he called them all "a bunch of fucking children" and implored them to "GET THE FUCK OUT YOU FUCKING LAZY DISRESPECTFUL ASSHOLES!!!!!"

In the latest spam mail (the same newsletter that started the difficulties in the first place) he refers to the incident (in which he is of course an innocent victim of the media) as "an unpleasant and difficult time." For him, obviously. How dare you do this to him, world. He also promises an open letter next week:

On the plus side for Vadim, Yelp is removing reviews on its site that mention the Gawker piece:

In between shouting at other reporters, Vadim has also been propagating the bullshit that the initial post was unfair because I never contacted him for comment. This is not true. I did. So I decided to call the delectable Vadim to ask him how his management technique and lying-to-the-media and threatening my personal safety was helping business. Sadly his phone seemed to be switched off. Perhaps he was busy composing another motivational speech.

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