Nov 28, 2009

Psystar Promised Investors Millions Of Sales By 2011

We all know that Psystar is busy bleeding out in federal court, but that doesn't mean the fun stops. We'll be dissecting their glorious failure for quite some time. The most recent development: it seems their plan for taking a bite out of Apple's sales was comically ambitious. How many clones do you think they sold in 2009? Somewhat under a thousand would be putting it kindly. And how many were they hoping to sell? Around a hundred times that.

This according to some recently released slides depicting Psystar's pitch to venture capitalists — some of whom must have clearly wanted to be taken in, or else they would have called it the cock-and-bull story it certainly was. Now, to be fair, the 12m units figure cited in the headline was part of the "aggressive growth model." 1.45m was the conservative estimate, which is technically not millions. For reference, Apple sold just over 10m Macs during 2009.

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