Nov 23, 2009

Twitter-to-Book Phenomenon Reaches Bottom of the Barrel with Self-Publishing [Self Help Books]

Couldn't get a Twitter book deal like Nick Douglas, Twitterature, or business huckster Garyvee? Don't fret! Thanks to TweetBookz you don't even need a deal to see your precious 140-character musings on paper. Congrats! You're an author.

The most annoying thing about TweetBookz isn't that it's spelled with a Z (which is pretty annoying and should be reserved for Liza), but that it has lowered the bar for the already suspect phenomenon of giving people an analog medium for their digital brilliance. But at least the publishing world does us the favor of finding the best of the bunch to give annoying Twitter-based books. Just like companies that will self-publish anyone's crumby novel for a service fee, now any 14-year-old girl (or the parents of any 14 year-old who think their kid is the Confucius of microblogging) with a keyboard and/or a smart phone can enter the realm of publishing. This is going to be the first thing I write about on @StuffIHate.

TweetBookz only charges $30 for a hardcover and $20 and it is comprised of as few as 40 pages with one tweet on each page or as many as 200 tweets. That's only 10 cents a tweet, which means that is now official market value for these internet outbursts. Thanks, TweetBookz, for placing an amount on them. Now to get a $10,000 advance for the @StuffIHate Twitter book, we're going to have to write write 100,000 dispatches. That's way too much work!

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