May 1, 2009

Which 'TV Icon' Isn't Being Too Subtle About His Same-Sex Love Affair? [Blind Items]

Today we have another closeted celebrity who's just asking to be outed, an actor who owes his successes to blackmail, and an actress with a terrible and chronic case of camel toe.

1) "Which closeted TV icon should be more careful about whom he dates? He has been squiring an infamous gay bartender around town, and everyone's noticing." [NYDN]

2) "This actor is C list. He probably used to be B list. Not a very recognizable name, but you would definitely know the face. He has done a mixture of both television and movies. Every few years he gets a really great lead in a movie or television show, but nothing long lasting. He got his big break and the lead in his first movie because he blackmailed the producer of the movie, who was also an actor in the same movie and has a good guy reputation. The blackmail in question consisted of some photos our actor had taken at the party of the good guy producer/actor snorting coke. It doesn't seem like a big deal, but this producer/actor's entire career is based around his good guy reputation." [CDaN]

3) "As summer approaches, many women pay renewed attention to the hair down there. All sorts of shaving, dipilatories and lasers are utilized to defoliate an area that may have become a bit overgrown during the winter months. This actress is the whole package, and is rocking the kind of body that defies the need for a body double. However, during her last hair-removal action, she may have gotten a little carried away. Every last vestige of hair was removed from every inch of her private parts. With no supportive foliage, every form fitting outfit she was wearing for her movie turned into an instant camel toe. The wardrobe people had to scramble to create a prosthesis and supportive undergarments to smooth out the attention-getting lines." [BlindGossip]

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