Apr 29, 2009

Which Actor's Wife Is Part of a Secret Lesbian Society? [Blind Items]

Today we have a celebrity's wife who is a secret, exclusive lesbian, an actor who avoided a DUI by pimping out his lady friend, and an actress with terrible taste in home decor.

1) "Which A-list actor's wife belongs to a secret lesbians-only club in L.A.? To keep things discreet, the club staggers arrivals so its members aren't photographed together." [NYDN]

2) "This very funny C+ television actor with B list name recognition on a very hit ensemble television show was recently pulled over by the police. Our actor had a bit too much to drink and was probably going to get arrested for a DUI. Figuring he had nothing to lose, he offered the policemen their choice of the three women he had just picked up at a club and was taking back to his hotel room. Remarkably both the officers and the two women chosen agreed. The policemen made one of the women drive, followed the actor to his hotel and spent about an hour in his suite before heading back out on patrol." [CDaN]

3) "This over-30 actress is not known for having the greatest taste in men. Well, it turns out that her taste in home décor is even worse. Although she is working with professional interior design folks, she keeps derailing the agreed-upon plan by insisting that they incorporate some of her really ugly personal items. The decorators are grumbling behind the scenes that the actress has the taste of a ten year old, and 'we wouldn't be surprised if she asks for a Hello Kitty kitchen'. Just proves that money can't buy you taste." [BlindGossip]

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