Apr 28, 2009

Monster Rats Pouring Out of Harvard [Ivy League]

Are you aware that rats "big enough to put saddles on" are currently streaming out of Harvard University's secret underground science experiment cave, in record numbers? We thought you should know.

So all these Boston residents suddenly find themselves besieged by vermin that terrify both man and beast, raiding their trash cans and terrifying one and all.

"They pop out of the trash. A couple of weeks ago one ran right across my hand. It's nasty," said Gerry Gentilucci, 43...
[N]eighbors blame the rodents on the massive hole Harvard began digging a year ago to build a five-acre science project.

Hmmm. Decades before the massive 530,000-square-foot underground science experiment hole: no rats. Since massive hole filled with who-knows-what: huge killer rats.

But Harvard officials strongly refute that the construction of its 530,000-square-foot science complex along Western Avenue has had any role in the rat infestation.

Speak not of the rats again.

[Boston Herald via Ivygate]

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