Apr 30, 2009

'My Dad Was Zodiac Killer,' Says Unfortunate Lady [Dads]

A California lady has informed police that her dad was not Father of the Year material, because when she was young he took her along to his job, which was being the Zodiac Killer.

Perhaps you saw the 2007 film Zodiac, starring Jake Gyllenhaal? Well that was about the actual dude, a killer, who's never been found. But this lady says it was her dad, and he liked to have her tag along, to murders!

Perez said Wednesday that she was with her father when he killed Ferrin and then Stine in San Francisco.

"My father grabs his gun, goes to the passenger side and I hear shots, I hear moans, I hear screams," Perez recalled. "We leave and we're pulled over by police and my father takes the gun and puts it into a brown paper bag and sticks it into the back of my pants and says 'I need you to not move. Don't move. The police will not understand if they find this gun.' "


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