Apr 28, 2009

American Autos are King Again! [Recessionomics]

The Way We Live Now: Rollin on Dubs. You can't keep the US auto industry down! Unless "you" are a superior foreign competitor. But if "you" are bankruptcy, forget it. USA car companies are back!

EXAMPLE: You thought the great American Chrysler brand would be going bankrupt? Fucking forget about it! They have a deal in place that may avert bankruptcy.

So there!

EXAMPLE: GM has a turnaround plan. Once upon a time they had hundreds of thousands of workers, now they're going to cut their workforce down to 10% of its all time high. Slim and trim baby! Fighting shape! Let's sell some automobiles, shall we?

EXAMPLE: Don't believe the USA muscle car is soon to controlling the fucking road once again? How do you explain this headline, hot shot? "Honda Swings to Quarterly Loss."

Loss. Loss of power. Loss of prestige. Loss of the lead which has been retaken, by America.

Win: What American cars are doing. Case fucking closed. Let's ride.

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