Apr 30, 2009

Which Actress Ruined a Picasso By Drunkenly Throwing a Wine Glass At It? [Blind Items]

Today we have a young actress is who is just drunk all the time, a mad old actress who ruined a Picasso in a violent rage, and an eating disorder.

1) "Which starlet's constant state of inebriation is causing problems in her marriage? Her hubby hates having to physically remove her from nightclubs." [NYDN]

2) "This former A list always movie actress still considers herself A list even though in reality she is about D. She does have A list name recognition and was the star of one of the most famous movies of all time. Not highest grossing, just one of the most famous. Anyway, she is not known for her quiet demeanor and when she has a drink or seven can get rather nasty. Recently she got into a fight with her current boy toy and during the argument threw a glass or two or three at her toy. Well, on one of her throws she missed and hit an original Picasso she has hanging on her wall. The painting was shredded by the glass as it shattered as well as the beverage she had inside. Of course she told her insurance company it fell during a mild earthquake and landed on a glass table beneath the painting, shattering the table and damaging the painting." [CDaN]

3) "We don't know the exact reason this star is so skinny now, but we do know how she stayed thin as a teenager. She was on a hit television show and had lots of kissing scenes with her on-screen boyfriend. When she would engage in those scenes without first brushing her teeth after one of her regular bouts of bulimia, her costar would make his disgust known to all within earshot.

So now our girl is all grown up, but she is once again disturbingly thin. While it's more difficult for her parents to intervene in their daughter's life at this stage, a recent death has brought them all a little closer and given them access to their daughter's emotional side - much to the chagrin of her controlling mate." [BlindGossip]

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