Apr 27, 2009

NYU Students We Actually Like [The Kids Today]

Two reasons to enjoy Nyle's video "Let the Beat Build": 1) It was shot all in one take with live music, and 2) refreshingly optimistic lyrics about creative ambition in the New Depression.

Nyle, who's graduating from NYU this spring, told NYU Local that he made the video cover of Lil' Wayne with a $2,000 grant from the school and it took 30 takes to get right. His plans for after graduation: continue to pay rent by throwing parties in his Bushwick party loft and try to make it as a rapper. Or, from the song: "I ain't stressin' this recession if it leads to a depression / It won't be in my mind, I'll be all right / As long as I'm surviving off of beats and rhyming / Then I don't mind surviving off of eating no ramen." Ah, youth.

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