Sep 14, 2009

Yes, Richard Blakeley Was Arrested [Too Insider-y]

So, this happened: Richard Blakeley, Gawker's video editor, was arrested a week ago last Friday on domestic violence charges against ex-girlfriend Jessica Amason. This blog has posted the info. Blakeley says on his Tumblr the charges "are 100% not true."

There's no doubt that as media gossip goes this is exactly the kind of story Gawker would usually cover. And while I'm a bit surprised that the incident took as long as it did to become public, I doubt this will be the only mention in the media. But seeing as how it involves a guy sitting ten feet away from me, I doubt anyone really expects Gawker to be an objective referee of the facts here. So we'll let the other media outlets who are being tipped to the incident do the digging and speculating.

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