Sep 18, 2009

Which Actress Covers up the Smell of Pot with Microwave Popcorn? [Blind Items]

Too bad her Pop Secret can't conceal her pot secret. Also not covered are a naked, coke-snorting trio at fashion week, or a celeb who brushes off her baby for booger sugar. Pass the mirror and enjoy!

1. "This up and coming actress chills out in her trailer in between takes. She listens to some music, chats on her phone, and pops bag after bag of microwave popcorn. She doesn't actually eat the popcorn. Rather, she uses it to cover up the scent of another relaxing activity that involves herbal inhalation. If you'd like to join her, it's easy to discuss it in public, i.e. "Hey, do you have any microwave popcorn in your trailer?" Yes, sweetie, everyone on the set knows." [Blind Gossip]

2. "So, a reality star, a designer and an actress walk into a bar. No, not into a bar actually, but it sounds much better that way. They actually just walked backstage at a show. The female reality star who has a huge history of drug problems did some coke and passed it around. The designer who was just about to show their collection, did four lines back to back to back to back, and then passed it along to our C list television actress with B list name recognition on a VERY hit show. Our actress spilled a little on her dress and when trying to brush it off, rubbed it in so took off her dress and stood there naked while she did some lines on a make up table. She then put back on the dress and joined the reality star back out front." [CDaN]

3. "Which Celebrity was supposed to help their child with a science fair project due this week, but instead spent Monday and Tuesday night on a cocaine bender. We're told the nanny helped while ‘mom is taking some mommy time.' Not Victoria Beckham." [BuzzFoto]

4. "Which celeb shocked dinner party guests by serving up a funny tasting icing powder on a silver tray?" [Mirror]

5. "Which two pop stars made sweet music on Sunday night after the gal gave the guy a private lap dance? Hope his longtime girlfriend doesn't find out." [NY Daily News]

6. "Which supermodel mended her recently broken heart over the weekend with the very-engaged bassist of a hot rock band?" [NY Daily News]

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