Sep 14, 2009

Penis Size Chart Once Again Shows Washington D.C. Is Full of Liars [Measuring Sticks]

Gay cruising website Manhunt has crunched the numbers and discovered that men in Washington D.C. have the biggest dicks. Well, at least based on how big their members say their members are.

Using the date collected from users inputting their own penis size, the website found that the average in D.C. is 7.59 inches. When we said Congress was full of big pricks, we weren't kidding, but we had no idea! New York is second with a whopping 7.50 inches, whose average is surely bolstered by Manhunt devotee Brian Moylan's impressive 19 inches (full disclosure: I lie about my penis size on the internet). The average actual biological size of the organ is 5.5 to 6.2 inches long. The smallest state on the list is Alaska at 6.34 inches (don't say it's so, Levi!) and they're still above average.

So, what did we really learn from this study [NSFW, unless you work in a urology clinic]? Men, and gay men in particular, lie about their dick size. Oh really, you don't say! Next you're going to tell us that Bill Clinton actually did have sex with that woman.

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