Sep 14, 2009

Yale: Crime Scene [Crime]

This is sad. Yale graduate student Annie Le went missing before the weekend and, despite her family's prayers, it now appears that she's dead, just when she was supposed to be getting married.

Le went missing missing last week, when the California-bred pharmacology student "disappeared" from the medical lab where she's been working. Now, almost a week later, police say they think they've found her stuffed inside of a wall of that same lab:

"It hasn't been positively identified as of this time," Reichard told reporters Sunday night. "However, we are assuming it is her ... so we are treating it as a homicide."

State police found the body at around 5 p.m. Sunday in an area of the building that houses utility cables that run between floors. The building is in the Ivy League school's medical complex, about a mile from the main campus.

This is a shame. The 24-year old's parents emigrated from Vietnam to give her a better life and, from what we see, provided it. Yet, despite all of their mutual efforts, she ended up a victim of this great nation's killing fields. There are no known suspects.

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